Gasoline at the pump rises 33% in the year and in three states liter is still above R$ 7 | Economy

Gasoline rises 33% at the pump this year, according to a survey by the ANP
Osni Alves

Gasoline rises 33% at the pump this year, according to a survey by the ANP

The average price of gasoline this week is at R$ 6.007 per liter at stations throughout Brazil. It is an increase of 0.41% compared to the previous week, according to data from the National Petroleum Agency (ANP). In the month, rises 2.40%. In the year, the advance reaches 33%. Already the prices of bottled gas (LPG) accumulate high of 25.2% in the year. On average, the value for a 13-kilogram cylinder is R$ 93.61. It is practically the same value as last week and compared to last month.

According to the ANP, gasoline can be found above R$7 per liter in three states: Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul and Acre. Last week, Tocantins was also on that list. Economists point out that the value of gasoline rises, mainly, according to oil price quotations on the international market and the dollar.

The highest price found in the country was R$ 7,199 per liter, in Rio Grande do Sul, last week (with reference to the 29th of August and the 4th of September). Then comes Acre (with a maximum price of R$7.13). In Rio, the average price is R$6.492 per liter – and the maximum price reaches R$7.059. In Rio, 323 posts are surveyed by the ANP.

São Paulo, where 1,476 service stations are surveyed, the average price is R$ 5.681. The maximum amount is R$6,799.

In the Federal District, the average value is R$ 6.302 and the maximum is R$ 6.991. In Minas Gerais, the average value is R$ 6,235. There, a price of up to R$ 6,759 was found.

According to specialists, the values ​​vary between states due to the taxation and logistical costs of distributors to distribute the fuel. ICMS, for example, varies by state. On average, according to Petrobras, the national average weight is 27%.

The ICMS rate is defined by each state and varies according to the average price of the previous week. Thus, the more the value of gasoline rises, the greater is the percentage of ICMS on the total.

In addition to the ICMS, the resale margin, anhydrous ethanol, federal taxes (11.7%, such as Cide, PIS and Cofins), as well as Petrobras’ own margin, also weigh on the final price of gasoline.

Cylinder gas price reaches R$125

Only in the states of Sergipe and Alagoas, in addition to the Federal District, the maximum price of a cylinder is below R$ 100. In everything else, consumers need to research the price because the values ​​per cylinder can be found for up to R$ 125 ( Rondonia and Roraima).

In Rio, the average price of a canister is R$ 84.08, but it can be found for up to R$ 102.1. In São Paulo, the average price is R$92.59, but it can reach R$114.99.