General dismissed by Bolsonaro pays tribute to health professionals

General tribute to health professionals

General Marco Freire Gomes said goodbye to the Northeast military command. However, this Friday (3), he congratulated the work of health professionals. President Jair Bolsonaro was at the event that took place in Recife (PE).

“To our healthcare professionals, who are on our left and in the back, but should be here in front of us, along with our music band. You are an example and the real heroes in this battle against this invisible enemy. They are always at the front fighting and protecting our families and our soldier”, he said.

The general was dismissed from his post. As a result, he made a speech saying goodbye to his post. He took the opportunity to honor all the people who work in the health area. And he emphasized that they were heroes during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Bolsonaro didn’t just listen to the general in Pernambuco

The president also learned of the news that the councilors of Vitória de Santo Antão (PE) did not approve the title of citizen for him. Thirteen parliamentarians were against and three voted in favour. The president will visit the state soon.

André Carvalho, Carlos Henrique Queiroz, Davi Fruits and Vegetables, Edmilson de Várzea Grande, Novo da Banca, Gold do Pneu, Beto de Moustache, Jota Domingos, Josias Militina, Lorinaldo Júnior, Mano Holanda, Doutor Saulo and Biu de Genaro voted against.

Celso Bezerra, Felipe Cezar and Marcos da Prestação wanted the Chief Executive to be honored. The justification for the refusal is that the president has no services rendered to the municipality.

“I will vote against. I respect Marcos’ right to present the title of citizen. But what did Bolsonaro do towards Victoria? Has he been working for Brazil? Have. But there is nothing specific aimed at Vitória that justifies winning this title”, declared councilor Edmilson de Várzea Grande.

Check out the general’s video: