Girl holds head to ceiling and ‘turns’ horror movie character

A girl startled her parents by pinning her head to the ceiling on the first floor of her home in the Chinese province of Ghizhou. The prank gone wrong created a scene worthy of a horror movie, with only the girl’s head, covered by her dark hair, appearing on the other side of the opening.

The accident happened after the child, who has not been released for age, found a hole in the living room floor a week ago. The 20-centimeter space had been created for the installation of a ventilation system that should be placed between the two floors of the property.

The girl ended up deciding to put her head in the hole, without realizing that she would end up trapped, as reported by the British tabloid Daily Star. A video recorded by rescuers called to the scene shows the head covered by dark hair hanging in space, upside down.

One of the firefighters pushes the child’s head back upstairs, while others have already held her legs to help her up.

They tried to use pliers to help expand the hole, without success, and in the end they put vegetable oil on the girl’s head, which turned out to be the solution to complete the rescue.

After being saved, she only complained of pain in her nose, but after undergoing a hospital check, no significant injuries were found.

According to the local fire department team, the girl spent an hour in the hole before the team arrived and another 40 minutes during the operation, reported the Daily Star.