Globo is sentenced to pay R$ 10 thousand in compensation for humiliating couple

The couple humiliated by Globo
The couple humiliated by Globo. Photo: Reproduction

Globo will have to indemnify Nilce Cristine Leal de França in R$ 10 thousand for an article shown in “Mais Você”. The station was convicted of humiliating the couple in 2019 on Ana Maria Braga’s program.

The case was judged by the 5th Civil Court of the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro (TJ-RJ). Nicole claims to have suffered personal and psychological damage from the report and asked for R$ 50 thousand in compensation, according to TV news.

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Understand the case involving Globo

In the year in question, Nicole was approached by the production of the program for a report on Valentine’s Day. The team said that her boyfriend, Pedro, wanted to have a romantic dinner.

She agreed to record the report, but she didn’t like the program’s editing. His ironic comments and bad humor were highlighted.

The case ended up in the networks and reverberated as the “dinner that didn’t work out”. She was attacked after the report went viral.

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