Glória Menezes returns to live in Rio after the death of her husband, Tarcísio Meira: ”Change of air”

Gloria Menezes (86) returned to live in Rio de Janeiro after the death of her husband, Tarcisio Meira.

The actress’ daughter-in-law, Mocita Fagundes, used his social network this Saturday, 4, to break the news to fans of the veteran.

On his Instagram, the woman from Tarcisio Son he said that his mother-in-law is back in the capital of Rio de Janeiro after spending some time on a farm in Porto Feliz, in the interior of São Paulo.

“Today we enter stage 2. Changing the scene is always nice. Our queen is going to her little house in Rio! Surrounded by love, near the sea. Rio is happy, it’s sunny and she is physically fit”, wrote in the caption.

Then she completed: “There, we’ll do a lot of gymnastics, good walks and catch some sun on the beach. Bye Sampa! See you soon! Hello Rio de Janeiro! That hug! Today ‘my house’ is traveling. It’s on my mini break from work and where the queen you are”, finished.

Tarcísio Meira died on the 12th after being hospitalized for a few days, victim of complications from Covid-19. Gloria also tested positive and was hospitalized, but was discharged a few days after her partner’s death for nearly 60 years.

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