Government suspends sale of three health plans in Brazil – News

The ANS (National Agency for Supplementary Health) suspended this Friday (3) the marketing of three more health plans from Oralclass. The measure takes into account complaints related to health insurance coverage made in the second quarter.

The ban on sale starts to take effect next Friday (10) and should benefit 13,426 customers of the plans, since these plans can only be re-marketed to new customers if operators present an improvement in the result in monitoring.

In addition to the suspensions, the ANS authorized that seven health plans from four operators will have the sale released by the Monitoring Service Guarantee. According to the regulatory body, the decisions are motivated from the 26,997 complaints registered against health care providers between April 1st and June 30th.

Check the list of plans with suspended sale

Oralclass Medical and Dental Assistance LTDA.

• Medvida Company
• Salvador Infirmary Business Collective
• PPHS – Popular Hospital Health Plan

Check the list of plans with reactivated sales

Unimed Strand of Caparaó

• National POS Adhesion – Infirmary

Unimed North/Northeast Interfederative Federation of Cooperative Medical Work Societies

• Special PP Business
• Individual/Family Reference – NAC
• Collective for ward membership

Unimed São Gonçalo Niterói Cooperative Society of Hospital Medical Services LTDA

• Unimed Essential Coparticipative 30% Executive (FRG)
• Unimed Preminum IE

Biovida Saúde LTDA.

• BV Senior/Infirmary – São Paulo