Grazi Massafera displays crunched belly in heavy training

Grazi Massafera, actress, who recently ended her relationship with the actor Caio Castro, take care of your mind and body to stay upright. The artist appeared in heavy training on the social network and her crumpled stomach drew attention.

With typical training clothes, such as short shorts, gray top, tied hair and sneakers, the actress showed all her efforts in heavy exercises.

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Recently, Grazi Massafera boasted good form in full waterfall in clicks that yielded many comments from artists and common followers.

Grazi Massafera accumulates more than 23 million followers on the web and in a recent interview with the newspaper O Globo he stated that he is in a more reclusive phase.

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Larissa Bonesi, alleged new affair by Caio Castro

After separation from Grazi Massafera and Caio Castro a question hung in the air: Who was the heartthrob’s new girlfriend? they say it is Larissa Bonesi, who in an interview with Leo Dias, denied that he is the famous pivot of the separation.

“I didn’t pivot. I have nothing. I was packing my suitcase and saw: ‘the pivot of separation. [Pensei] ‘He broke up?’ ‘My God, what’s going on?’ Never, never in my life would I be the pivot of a person’s separation or put myself in a situation like that. As soon as I saw it, I started to cry”, vented the young woman.