Grêmio makes a shopping list and targets reinforcements for 2022

Although Brasileirão 2021 has not yet reached its halfway point and management has just spent R$45 million, there are already people behind the scenes making plans for 2022. And Grêmio’s priorities have already been listed. Of course, if the club remains in Serie A.

In the event of a relegation, the tendency is for the most expensive players to all be traded or fired. So, it is expected that the club will make an even bigger makeover in the squad and nobody is guaranteed, only the young people who have just been bought: Campaz and Villasanti.

What are Grêmio’s priorities for 2022?

As we mentioned here on Portal do Gremista days ago, the tricolor direction will go to the market in search of two defenders, one to act on each side. With Ruan sold, Tonhão close to being traded and Paulo Miranda contestable, this move is necessary. Furthermore, Geromel and Kannemann are no longer yielding as they used to.

Another priority will be left-back. Bruno Cortez and Rafinha, who plays there improvised, will not have their contracts renewed. Therefore, management will go to the market in search of a name that is enough to own the position. But Guilherme Guedes still has until December to prove he is capable of taking the job.

And finally, the right-back, which now has Vanderson, Rafinha and Victor Ferraz, should also be reinforced. The boy has his days numbered and in January new proposals should arrive for him, since the other two will definitely leave. Therefore, at least one right-back will be brought to Grêmio.

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Image: Pedro H. Tesch/AGIF