Guest asks if priest is ‘good in bed’ and shocks Fátima Bernardes

Douglas Lima – Special for Uai

posted on 9/3/2021 7:02 PM

  (credit: reproduction / TV Globo)

(credit: reproduction / TV Globo)

This Friday (09/03), the Encounter with Fátima Bernardes, on TV Globo, received Father Patrick, who is a phenomenon on social networks for responding to his followers in a very sincere and funny way.

The presenter made a joke with the virtual audience and the guests were able to ask questions to the priest of Parauapebas, Pará.

“Good morning, Father Patrick. Ave Maria. I want to know if dating two is a sin and thinking of one, two or three too?” asked Luzia, who spoke directly from Alagoas.

“Let me tell you something, I was seeing you before the program started and I saw that you said you want to take off my cassock. Let’s do this, stop thinking about these two or three and let’s get married, the two of us, I’m on vacation, I’ll spend in Alagoas and I’ll bring you to Pará. Topa?”, joked the Catholic.

Fatima laughed at the situation and joked that her program “married a priest”.

“I really wish, it’s going to be a 100% honeymoon, I love it, the way I’m in the dry season at 79. If you’re good in bed, we’re ready,” replied the guest and drew laughs from the audience and singer Gaby Amarantos , which was on stage at the Rio station.

“My God, look at the time. 11:04 am. Question from Maria do Catro, in Ceará. Maria, let go of your question for the love of God,” shot Bernardes in the sequence, trying to keep up with the morning attraction and changing the subject.

Without mincing words, Luzia, then, even thought about her honeymoon and provoked the religious.