Hanging from Corinthians mend sequence; Gabriel goes to the 13th game

Corinthians is the most disciplined team in the Brazilian Championship. There were ‘only’ 26 yellow cards presented to Timon players, which gives an average of 1.44 cards per game, the lowest in the competition. No Corinthians athlete has received a red card so far.

This helps explain the streak of players who are hanging with two accumulated yellow cards.

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Gabriel, who used to have the highest averages in the squad, was one card away from receiving the automatic suspension from June 20, in a 0-0 draw with Bahia. Since then, the defensive midfielder has played 12 games, all as a starter and was only served in the second half in three of them.

Gil started his streak on July 11, in a 1-0 loss to Fortaleza. Even hanging, the beque played seven full games.

Roni started the last three appointments hanging. In all of them he ended up leaving in the second half, before he could receive any cards. Since August 8, in a 0-0 draw with Santos, the home silver team has managed to avoid suspension.

Marquinhos’ case is perhaps the simplest. Like Gil, the forward received the second yellow card against Fortaleza. He was used in another five games after that, but always coming in during the final stage to play in the last few minutes.

Against Juventude, next Tuesday, two more names will be on the hanging list: Cássio and João Victor. Both received the second yellow card in the last match, during the 1-0 victory over Grêmio.

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