“He played a very good game up front”


With time to adjust the team, the coach watched some promises that are already part of the professional group and approved one of the youngsters; the expectation is for new opportunities

Felipão: had the chance to analyze young promises (Photo: Gil Gomes/AGIF)


Felipão: had the chance to analyze young promises (Photo: Gil Gomes/AGIF)

O Guild it won time to prepare aiming for the next match by Brazilian championship with the postponement of the duel with Atlético-MG, which would be held at the end of the week. The Tricolor Gaucho returns to the field only in the 12th, Sunday, at 11 am (GMT), to face the Ceará, in a game valid for the 20th round, at the opening of the second round.

Still taking note of the entire squad that he has on hand at the club, the coach Luiz Felipe Scolari he can watch closely some young this midweek. On the afternoon of last Thursday (2), the experienced commander watched the duel with Corinthians, for the Brasileirão de Aspirantes, to analyze promises that are already part of the professional group.

In the 1-1 draw with the Paulistas, valid for the 2nd round of the second phase of the tournament, the main highlight it was up to Jhonata Robert. The attacking midfielder, who scored the goal gremista taking a penalty, even placed a ball at the post throughout the match and won important points with Felipão.

Jhonata Robert: featured in the Brasileirão de Aspirantes duel (Photo: Rodrigo Fatturi/Grêmio/Disclosure)

According to the report on the website “Globoesporte.com”, the good performance paves the way for Jhonata Robert to gain more space with the coach. While Douglas Costa is recovering from injury, Alisson and Ferreira have been starting the team. On the bench, Léo Pereira and Luiz Fernando are usually the coach’s choices. Now, they all get a new competitor by the tips.

In addition to Jhonata Robert, Fernando Henrique, Mateus Sarará and Victor Bobsin were on the field alongside the transition team. “The four played a good game, Robert played a very good game up front, creating opportunities, had a ball on the crossbar. Fernando felt a little, so he left at halftime. Bob and Sarará paced in the middle. They are prepared for the opportunity they have in the professional, to be able to help“, evaluated Kevin Krieger, director of the under-21 team.