Helô Pinheiro talks about the diagnosis of cancer on ‘Spectacular Sunday’

Helô Pinheiro, 76 years old, the eternal Girl from Ipanema, will be featured in the next “Sunday Espetacular”, on TV Record, which will air on Sunday (5). In the program, the former model and businesswoman told about her cancer treatment.

In the program, Helo told about the new battle he has started to face since the discovery of the disease. The former model and businesswoman discovered thyroid cancer and has already undergone surgery.

In the process of recovery, she spoke with reporter Patrícia Ferraz about how she received the news and decided to fight this disease that affects thousands of Brazilians.

I already knew that I had five nodules, but from the biopsy I still didn’t know the result. When she said it was a carcinoma, it scared me… Always that name, cancer, carcinoma, it comes as a stab at us, because as much as you try to calm down, it’s something that worries you, it gives you a some anxiety

Helo also spoke about the emotional impact of treatment against the disease. “I get like this, one time nervous, another time I get anxious, another time I get irritated. I think it really messed with my emotional stability, not only knowing, but also because of the thyroid withdrawal itself, that the hormones are there to balance. I’m practically unbalanced emotionally,” she said.