Highways on the coast of SP ‘lock up’ on the eve of the holiday; expectation is up to 410 thousand vehicles heading to the region | Santos and Region

The highways of São Paulo registered congestion upon arrival on the coast of São Paulo this Friday (3), on the eve of the long independence holiday. Excerpts from Imigrantes, Padre Manoel da Nóbrega and Cônego Domênico Rangoni present a slowdown on this Friday night.

According to concessionaire Ecovias, the forecast is that more than 400 thousand vehicles must pass through the Anchieta-Imigrantes System (SAI) over the four days of the holiday. This will be Covid-19’s first unrestricted holiday. According to the G1, the number is almost twice that received in the same period of 2020, when 260 thousand vehicles descended the mountain range.

Highways along the coast of SP become congested on the eve of the holiday — Photo: Vanessa Rodrigues/Jornal A Tribuna

On the Imigrantes Highway, towards the coast, there is congestion from km 38 to km 43, and slowness from km 67 to km 70, due to the excess of vehicles. The Padre Manoel da Nóbrega Highway also registers congestion towards the north lane of Imigrantes, from km 270 to km 274, due to the excess of vehicles.

Traffic is congested on the Cônego Domênico Rangoni Highway, towards Guarujá, from km 270 to 248. Only Via Anchieta is not slow and remains calm.

Highways along the coast of SP become congested on the eve of the holiday — Photo: Vanessa Rodrigues/Jornal A Tribuna

The Anchieta-Imigrantes System is operating in 7X3 descent operation. For the descent, the driver can use the south and north lanes of Anchieta and the south lane of Rodovia dos Imigrantes. On the other hand, the ascent of the mountain is only carried out along the north lane of Imigrantes.

There is also congestion on the ferry that allows access to Guarujá. As informed by the Waterway Department, around 6:30 pm the Santos/Guaruja crossing operated with 7 vessels. Even so, the waiting time could reach 2 hours, due to the excess of vehicles caused by the September 7 holiday.

The ferry line also registers a long waiting line on the eve of the holiday — Photo: Personal archive

The department also recalls that, due to the accident on June 20, when the ship damaged the platform for cyclists and pedestrians, the crossing has operated with restrictions. On the Guarujá side, with the damage caused to the berth, cyclists and pedestrians need to board through the Control Center (CCO) drawer.

Users are being guided through the Variable Message Boards (PMV) about restrictions and timeouts on crossings.

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