How can I update and confirm enrollment to receive Auxílio Brasil (new Bolsa Família)?

The successor of Bolsa Família, entitled Brazil Aid, may be released in November 2021. However, the proposal still depends on the deliberations of the National Congress. The government-based beneficiary migration process will take place automatically. However, it is important to note some recommendations for confirming enrollment in the new Bolsa Família.

As in the current program, the database for eligibility for Auxílio Brasil will be the CadÚnico.

Updating the CadÚnico to receive Brazil Aid

The data from the CadÚnico (Single Registry of the Federal Government) must always be up to date. If the citizen does not have the registration, it will be necessary to carry out the procedure to have access to Auxílio Brasil. Generally, new registrations or updates are made at the Social Assistance Reference Centers – Cras.

When registering or updating the CadÚnico in order to receive the Brazil Aid, it will be necessary to present the following documents:

  • Birth certificate;
  • Marriage Certificate (if you are civilly married);
  • Work Card;
  • Voter Title.

For people of indigenous origin, it will be necessary to present the “Administrative Registry of Indigenous Birth” (Rani).

Confirmation of registration in the new Bolsa Família

Confirmation to receive the new Bolsa Família will be provided through the data analysis in the Single Registry. For this, you can see your information through the application Meu CadÚnico, available for Android and IOS.

After downloading the platform in your app store, just enter using your registration data. All your information will be available there.

For those who are not easy to use the application, there is a consultation channel through the phone 0800 707 2003.