How Flamengo can see equity increase by R$ 150 million without investing heavily; website has details

O Flamengo presented last Thursday (2) to the Deliberative Council the internationalization project of your brand. And a positive outcome is treated with optimism.

O Flamengo back to field by Libertadores Conmebol next September 22 against the Barcelona for the first game of the semifinal. And you follow the confrontation LIVE by ESPN on Star+. Click here, learn more information and subscribe.

According to Ge, if the project moves forward, the expectation of the rubro-negro club is to be able to increase its assets by R$ 150 million. In the plan, the idea is for the Rio team to enter the brand, while investors arrive with the money.

In the presentation, Rodrigo Tostes, Flamengo’s vice president of finance and responsible for running the project, chose not to reveal the clubs, but made it clear that five Portuguese teams spoke with the Cariocas.

But the Tondela it is the club where negotiations are best underway. And the project is bold. According to the presentation, the idea is to reach the Champions League in seven or eight years.

See below:

  • Conference League – 2 years

  • Europa League – 3 years

  • Champions League – 7 to 8 years



Former Brazilian national team coach granted an exclusive interview to

Regarding how to explore the partnership with the European club, Flamengo’s idea is to lend athletes that have not been used by the professional.

To proceed with the project, Flamengo is negotiating with BTG Pactual, the bank that would be responsible for the entire business plan, calculating amounts and risks. According to the Ge, the estimate is that the Rio club will seek to raise from investors the amount of 50 million euros (R$ 307 million).