How to leave your CPF unrestricted on Serasa? understand here

The COVID-19 pandemic further aggravated the economic crisis in Brazil. There are already around 14 million unemployed, according to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE). Many of these people ended up getting into debt. For those people who have their CPF restricted in Serasa, it is possible regularize through the internet, by telephone or at post offices. There are offers that can have discounts of up to 90%.

After paying the debt, Serasa informs that, within a period of up to five working days, the consumer will have the CPF released and without restrictions. Otherwise, it is necessary to contact the company where the debt was negotiated. It is important to stress that it is the obligation of the creditor company to request the exclusion of debt from the registry of defaulters of Serasa Experian.

How to release the restricted CPF over the internet

To clear the name and release the CPF, the person found indebted can access the Serasa website. Follow the steps:

  • On the first page, there is a link “Serasa Limpa Nome”. It also offers a discount of up to 90% to negotiate the debt;
  • On the next page, you will check the amount of your debt and also choose the best way to pay it;
  • Once this is done, the consumer will be able to generate and print the ticket;
  • By paying the agreement, the consumer has his CPF released.

On the Serasa portal, it is possible to clarify what debts can be negotiated. Trading can be made in relation to debited or overdue accounts (not debited). It is important to remember that debts that are overdue for more than five years are not written off, and it is not possible to negotiate protests, bad checks and bankruptcies.

Debt negotiation can reach a discount of up to 90% for the consumer. There are over 50 companies that are out with great offers. The list includes banks, universities, retail chains, telephone networks and credit recovery companies, as well as other types of companies that can be consulted on the site.

How to regularize the CPF by other means

Serasa also provides other ways so that the indebted can regularize the situation and negotiate in the best way the debts and bills that are in arrears. After this process, the consumer’s CPF will be released. The other service channels are:

  • Through WhatsApp Serasa, by phone (11) 99575-2096. Just send a message to that number and they will contact you;
  • By calling Serasa 0800-5911222. A person will give all the information to those who want to make the installments and agreement;
  • In one of the Post Office agencies it is also possible to make agreements and installments of debts. The person must bring CPF and a photo ID. At the counter, it is necessary to ask for the Serasa Limpa Nome service. There, payment slips will also be generated.

In all these Serasa service channels (website, WhatsApp, telephone and post office), you can also consult the CPF to find out if you have any overdue debt that you were not aware of.