‘How to spy on WhatsApp’: a lot of people want to know, and you’d better prevent yourself – 09/04/2021

Try typing “how to spy” or “how to spy” into Google. You will see several search results associated with the word “WhatsApp”, which indicates that many people are interested in finding ways to do this. You can’t be too careful, because there really is a way for your WhatsApp to be spied on.

The nosy — which can be a family member, boyfriend (a) or co-worker — needs to have access, however quick, to the “target’s” unlocked cell phone. If someone manages to pick up their cell phone with the screen released (or have the device password), it is possible within seconds to activate WhatsApp Web in a browser.

The attacker will then be able to follow all conversations until the web version is logged out. If you are not used to using WhatsApp Web, you can probably be spied on for a long time without even knowing it.

How to protect yourself?

The first tip to not leave your WhatsApp at the mercy of others is to enter a password to protect your application. Of course, this won’t do any good if the stalker has the target’s smartphone combinations, but here’s another piece of advice: avoid sharing them.

Are you suspicious?

If you suspect that someone is spying on your WhatsApp, you can keep an eye out if the web version is enabled.

To check this, open the application, both in the Android version and in the iOS version of the iPhone, and enter the option “Connected devices”. There appears information about the active sessions in your profile.

If one comes up that you don’t recognize as yours, disconnect immediately. Just select the item and follow the screen directions.

It is always worth remembering that invasion of privacy is a crime provided for by law, which can even be punished with imprisonment.