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Mirella Santos, the Twin Lacration, returned to Ilha Record’s Cave of Exile. This Friday (3), after the loss to Laura Keller in the Survival Challenge, MC Loma’s cousin said she was satisfied with the result and fired: “I have money”.

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“I came back resigned [para à Caverna do Exílio] because it was a test of luck, and I said: ‘It’s really going to be what God wants’. I came here, but like this, I’m resigned and feeling because I have money, but I wanted to be competing for R$ 500 thousand”, commented the explored.

In the statement sent to Hoje em Dia, Dinei’s ally evaluated her trajectory within the reality as a journey full of ups and downs. “I arrived, I couldn’t find myself, I got lost, scared, I cried, but that was the game and I didn’t understand. I really was a little someone, I became a seaweed”, pointed out the exile.

“I went down to the Cave of Exile, which everyone feared, and I found myself here. I thought it was incredible! Afterwards, I was already resigned that I was going to stay here forever, I took a test, I won and I couldn’t sleep. , because here everyone has been chipped,” added Mirella.

The season of reality TV hosted by Sabrina Sato ends next Thursday (9), with a live program on Record. According to sources from TV news, Pyong Lee and Any Borges are the finalists of the dispute.

Check out the testimony of Mirella Santos, as of 6:15:

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