Images leak from Gigabyte Radeon RX 6600; see all the details

The model is the first RX 6600 to have developed images

AMD to expand its catalog of Intermediate Radeon GPUs with Radeon RX 6600. Nothing official by the company has been confirmed yet, but the Videocardz website had access to images rendered from a Gigabyte model. The GPU must be a “hacked” version of the Navi 23 chip.

So far, rumors about a Radeon RX 6600 circulated the internet, but only in the form of lists, so this is the first time a video card image appears, strengthening the unofficial information so far. The specific model is a Gigabyte Radeon RX 6600 Eagle.

The video card has three fans with the PCB occupying a little more than half of the entire carcass, something common in intermediate boards that carry more robust cooling solutions. One aluminum heatsink and some copper heatpipes go through the entire length of the board, which makes more efficient heat dissipation. The model has backplate and an open space just above the first fan.

The Gigabyte Eagle model of the RX 6600 is dual slot and has two HDMI and two DisplayPort ports, plus an 8-pin connector. The plate box shows that the model will have 8GB memory, just like the RX 6600 XT version, and it must be a ideal solution for 1080p, since the XT version faces this resolution with peace of mind.

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The RX 6600 is expected to be equipped with the chip. Navi 23 XL and will have 28 Compute Units, which gives 1792 stream processors. In terms of memory, the video card will have 32MB of Infinity Cache, plus 8GB GDDR6 running at 16Gb/s with 256GB/s bandwidth on a 128-bit interface.

According to WCCFtech, the GPU could reach 27 MH/s mining Ethereum. According to performance tests simulated by Igor’s Lab, the GPU would arrive close to the performance of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060. While the XT version was released for US$379.00, it is estimated that the RX 6600 pWe can reach between $299 and $329. In competition for price, it would side with the RTX 3060 and its launch value of $329.00.

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The Radeon RX 6600 XT is costing more than R$4,000 around here, reaching over 5,000 on some models. The RTX 3060 easily goes beyond 5 thousand reais, costing up to R$ 7,000 depending on the store and model. There is no official information about it, but Radeon RX 6600 is expected to hit the market later this month.


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Via: WCCFtech Source: VideoCardz