In ‘Conversa’, Guilherme Arantes reveals that one of his hits is about bullying: ‘I got beat up a lot at school’ | conversation with bial

King of the soap opera scores and the 1980s talk shows, in the definition of Pedro Bial, Guilherme Arantes, one of the main names in Brazilian pop music, is the interviewee of conversation with bial of Friday, 3/9. He connects with the presenter of the symphony room Lienzo Norte in Ávila, Spain, where he lives and who inspired his new album, the 15th of his career.

With nearly 50 years of artistic career, Arantes talked about the new work and revisited old hits like “My World and Nothing More”, his first hit. Released in 1976, soundtrack of the soap opera “Bad angel” and enshrined as a romantic song, it is actually an outburst about bullying.

‘Conversa com Bial’ receives singer and composer Guilherme Arantes this Friday, 3/9 — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

THE bial, the musician reveals that he studied at an all-boys school and, as he was the youngest in the class and had musical skills, he suffered from the provocations of the older ones: “I was beaten up a lot at school because I was the youngest”, he recalls. Older, the teasing continued: “When there was a dance I monopolized the girls because I was so cute playing ‘Whiter Shade of Pale’, ‘Light my Fire’…”.

“In adolescence I had a lot of pimples on my face, then I didn’t have a car. I was such a suffering guy that I didn’t Golden Globe I’m wearing a blue velvet suit because that’s what I could buy.”

The conversation is today, after the Newspaper from Globo.