Incurable disease prevented Barbara Evans from becoming pregnant by natural means

Barbara Evans had been undergoing insemination treatment since the beginning of May and began sharing the trajectory of the attempts with her followers in a series of videos on her IGTV, on Instagram. She cannot have children by natural means, as she has endometriosis and has already undergone ovarian surgery.

Last Saturday (8/28), Barbara appeared crying in a sequence of Stories when talking about the result of the biopsy she performed on the embryos in the fertilization process.

“It will start with crying. You can see I was already crying. The biopsy result came out. From seven embryos, we had three healthy. We needed four, the doctor recommended that we do two more cycles in a row of egg capture, now. But I don’t have the emotional structure to do another two months in a row. I talked to my husband and if God wanted it that way, so do we,” she said in tears.

She then explained that the couple still chose to try the first fertilization: “Let’s go ahead, put these two embryos and let’s leave one frozen. Let’s pray a lot and cheer a lot. I’m sure God is preparing the best for us. If it doesn’t work out – I know that we always have to think positively, but we have to be aware of what may happen – then, if none of the two embryos, of the two that we are going to put, do not succeed, we will go through a new capture”, he explained.

Two days ago (1st/9), she shared in her series on IGTV the moment of the transfer of the two embryos and was hopeful with the new attempt. “Well, as you saw, everything went well in our transfer, thank God we transferred two embryos and I’m already at home (…) They are already very much loved by me and their father so, whatever God wants”.

Last night, in a new episode, she shared the frustration of having received a negative after the fifth day of transfer. “I was really bad, I confess to you that I thought it wouldn’t be that bad… I cried a lot, but I did it rashly. It wasn’t the day to do it yet”. The model also explained that the deadline to receive an answer would be until Friday, when it would complete the 10th day.

The long-awaited positive arrived this morning, where the blonde showed the exact moment of the result: “I can’t believe it, my God. It worked!”, she said emotionally in the video.