Instagram Globo’s second page ended with Angelica’s glow

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According to the official Instagram page “Tretei Famous” published on Friday (03), the presenter “Eliana was lucky not to have gone to Rede Globo. the channel erased Angelica’s talent and would do the same with Eliana”. Which in turn ended up dividing Internet users’ opinions.

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Remembering that Eliana, from Rede SBT, presents on Sundays its program that has been on the air for 12 years. She also completed three decades as a presenter at the network, starting in 1991..

Nonetheless, the blonde is also considered the highest paid presenter on Silvio Santos’ network. She earns around R$900,000 thousand and is also one of the most loved presenters by the public.

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in turn, Angelica is also a talented presenter, she was already ahead of the show. “Stars” which interviewed famous people and talked about everyday life and family. As it was said the comment on the page divided opinions, and what would yours be? See what some internet users commented in the official publication of the page “Treated Famous”.

Reproduction: Instagram Tretei Famous
Reproduction: Instagram Tretei Famous


Luciano Huck, Angélica’s husband, said in his book in detail about the accident of his son Benício, who practiced wakeboarding, and how his wife became: “Angelica and I by the bed, destroyed, floorless, aimless. (…) I saw my wife, the stronghold of the family, on her knees and praying for more than five hours non-stop. I saw a mother throw herself on the floor in despair, amid screams and tears, at the door of an operating room. I felt my life lose its meaning in the midst of so much fear”, reports in an excerpt from his book Luciano Huck.