It’s Worth Seeing Again Double is Globo’s weapon in the war for audience

Murilo Benício and Mariana Ximenes in Chocolate with Pepper; telenovela is quoted for a possible new rerun schedule for the network (Image: Divulgação / Globo / Gianne Carvalho)

THE Globe, in fact, evaluates the possibility of releasing one more rerun track in his afternoons. The column Short circuit found that, internally, the channel already calls the new space “Vale a Pena Ver de Novo 1”. The proposal for this timetable is to present lighter soap operas than those scheduled for “Vale a Pena Ver de Novo 2” – delivered to O Clone (2001) in October.

There is still no definition as to the period of exhibition, right after Jornal Hoje, which will be reduced, or before ‘Vale a Pena 2’. In any case, the intention is always to expand the average audience, in a range in which the station suffers constant defeats, across the country, for the regional editions of the General Balance Sheet and of A Hora da Venenosa.

The proposal of ‘Vale a Pena 1′ is to redeem titles that, on social networks, are always associated with cake with coffee every afternoon. Chocolate com Pimenta (2003) and Cabocla (2004) lead the bets for the debut of the new schedule. The two accumulate audience records, at 6 pm and, recently, on Canal Viva – whose viewers’ universe is very small compared to open TV.

double of success

Lidi Lisboa and Lucas Selfie were successful confined to A Fazenda 2020 and will now be featured in the new edition of Record’s reality show. However, in a very different way. The “Queen of the Memes” and the Ilha Record participant will be the digital presenters of the 2021 season. They will present the Decompression Cabin and the Eliminated Live. During the chat, the eliminated from the week comments on the days of confinement, reviews the best moments of participation in the program and answers questions from the audience.

extra episode

The long-awaited extra episode of the original documentary Globoplay You’ve Never Been Alone – Juliette’s Doc will premiere tomorrow night (5). The ‘cactus’ will be able to see the backstage of the realization of a great dream champion of BBB 2021: the recording of their first EP and music video. Globoplay’s project follows the preparation, classes, rehearsals and delivery of Juliette Freire in the recording studio. In addition, the episode features testimonials from names in music such as Carlinhos Brown, Chico César, Rodolffo, Gilberto Gil and a special guest appearance by Anitta.

strong interviews

Tomorrow’s Sunday Spectacular comes with two special interviews: one with the eternal Girl from Ipanema, Helô Pinheiro, and another with Chrystian, who even criticized Tatá Werneck. In the program, the sertanejo of the duo with Ralf spoke of the controversy that took place on Lady Night: “Tatá spoke on her program, interviewing Michel Teló: ‘Are Chrystian and Ralf still alive?’ So, she made a mess”. Helo commented on the discovery of thyroid cancer and the recovery process.

family atmosphere

After Xuxa Meneghel, Angélica will be on the jury of the Show dos Famosos, which opens tomorrow, at Domingão with Huck. The ex-Globo recorded yesterday (3) her participation in her husband’s show and will air on the next 12th. Boninho and Preta Gil are fixed figures who evaluate the competitors of the old painting presented by Fausto Silva. It is also worth mentioning that this will be Angélica’s first participation since she signed with HBO Max. The famous woman has already recorded the entire season of her attraction on the streaming platform.

Duh Secco and Luiz Fábio Almeida

The Curto-Circuito column is written by Duh Secco and Luiz Fábio Almeida, assistant editors of RD1 and gathers, from Tuesday to Saturday, very early in the morning, which is and will become news in the next hours involving the busy TV backstage.