Johnny Massaro talks about sex scenes in Secret Truths

Johnny Massaro, 29-year-old actor, will also be in the cast of ‘Secret Truths 2’. In the plot, your character will star in sex scenes with the character of Bruno Montaleone, which replaced John Ghana, removed from Globo after serious accusations. In a conversation with journalist Gilberto Júnior, from the Extra newspaper, Massaro commented on what it is like to record these more intense sequences.

“There was a moment when I thought, ‘Oh my God! And now?’. But it ended up happening. In the end, the story goes far from the field of sensuality. The camera operator is in the studio; we need to stop the ‘act’ to adjust the light or because the colleague didn’t lick his armpit right. It’s very crazy.”, he said.

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The actor explains that before starting the recordings, director Amora Mautner made it clear that the cast would be entering a project that requires a lot of courage. “Before we started recording, the entire cast met virtually with the plot director, Amora Mautner, and she made it clear that the key word of the work is courage. I’m full of this feeling, throwing myself headfirst.”, Johnny stated.

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Johnny Massaro also said that when he was younger, he had some taboos related to the acting profession. However, over time, was allowing himself and now considers ‘Secret Truths’ the apex.

“When I started my career, at age 12, I used to say that I would never shave my hair or get naked. First, I ran machine zero on the wires; later, I made a short film and had to show my butt. Then came a movie, and I was completely naked. ‘Secret truths’ is the pinnacle. I find the idea of ​​having a free body and exploring other possibilities of affection interesting. I consider the novel a chance to review the concept of morality.”, highlighted the famous.

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