Juliette enters iTunes Top 10 in Portugal and Mexico

Brazil stopped to listen Juliette sing on Thursday night (3/9). The “BBB” champion officially debuted as a singer and released her first EP, self-titled. But the material reverberated and reached other countries. “Juliette” entered the iTunes Top 10 in Portugal (3rd place) and Mexico (10th place).

the single “Mara difference” also emerged on iTunes Portugal. The song reached the 8th place in the ranking of the most downloaded in the country. “Mara difference”, produced by Rafinha RSQ, is the song that will have a video next week.

Juliette enters iTunes Top 10 in Portugal and Mexico
Photo: Disclosure

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“It’s a lot of responsibility to say you’re a singer, but music has always been in me. I love music, it touches me a lot. Saying I’m a singer is a lot of audacity, but I’m a girl who sings and who’s on Spotify”, says Juliette.

Juliette enters iTunes Top 10 in Portugal and Mexico
Photo: Bruno Rezende / FERNANDO TOMAZ

Interest in music

In an interview with Vogue, Juliette talked about the numerous job offers she received, but played hard to get. She didn’t want to accept anything: it needed to make sense and make her feel at ease.

I didn’t join a reality show to become a slave to anything, to change who I am. I am not a product or an object. I know this life directs us to this, but I fight daily so that it doesn’t happen” – Juliette.

Juliette is the cover of Vogue
Photo: Mariana Maltoni

However, she had to say “yes” to some projects. And music was at the top of the priorities, as this is something that has inspired her from a very young age. She recalls the songs she used to sing as a child and highlights the lyrics with a protesting tone.

I always liked songs with protest lyrics“, it says. She even got “goose bumps” when she saw them being sung by freshmen from the Raul Gil Program. One of the most striking was: “Brazil, show your face, I want to see who pays, so we can stay like this” – she always sang along and went back to her usual chores. She helped her mother to cut her hair at the salon, at that time each was charged two reais to cut her hair.