Juliette wins biggest release in history with EP in Brazil

You were never alone! Juliette, champion of BBB21, released his first EP. Self-titled, the six new songs arrived on digital platforms this past Thursday (2), and won the title of biggest release in the history of Spotify Brasil, surpassing Anitta and other artists.

Paraibana’s first musical project holds the title of second largest release on the platform in Brazil, totaling around 5.9 million plays in 24 hours. In addition, the songs ‘Mara difference’ and ‘Blessing’ occupied the second and fourth position, respectively, among the five most listened to.

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Chromatic, album by American singer Lady Gaga released last year, remains at number one, with 7.7 million added. Until then, the title of Juliette was previously occupied by Matuê with 4.7 million, followed by Anitta (4.2 million), Luísa Sonza (4.1 million), and Pabllo Vittar (4.0 million).

Success already in your ad, Juliette’s EP also set another national record: 600,000 pre-saves in the last 24 hours. With production by Giovanni Bianco and Anitta in the planning, the album has already become the biggest Brazilian debut this year.

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