Karinah: Meet the queen of the pagoda who bought Xuxa’s mansion – Famous

Karinah (photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

The name of the pagoda singer Karinah, 40, was in evidence in the last few days after the news that the artist is the new owner of the mansion in Xuxa in a luxury condominium in Barra da Tijuca, Rio.

The singer is not known to the general public, but she has stood out in the art world for having partnered with popular musicians such as beautiful, little mum, Dudu Noble, Xande in pillars, alcyon and among others.

Born in Curitiba, in Paran, the singer was raised in Santa Catarina and has a career of just over 10 years in samba. She also commented on some difficulties in establishing herself as a woman in the pagoda. “I’m bringing to the public something that hasn’t been seen for over 20 years: a woman singing pagode. We need the public’s support. Samba is on the street and the market needs to consume something new,” Karinah said in an interview with the newspaper Extra.

The artist married in 2013 the billionaire businessman Diether Werninghaus, in a ceremony surrounded by luxury at the sumptuous Copacabana Palace hotel, in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro. Born in Jaragu do Sul, Diether is one of the heirs of WEG, a company responsible for making electric motors, transformers and power generators. When it entered the magazine’s list forbes of the richest, in 2014, the fortune of Karinah’s husband was already valued at BRL 6.10 billion.

your music, Fear of loving was part of the soap opera’s soundtrack save yourself who can, plot that preceded the current rerun of catch catch, at TV Globo. Zero insecurity, her most recent single, was on the most played lists of radios specializing in pagoda.

new work on the way

THE Queen of the Pagoda has a full schedule for the month of September, according to the portal UOL. Karinah performs every Thursday at the Alcione bar, the Casa da Marrom, in the West Zone of Rio, opening the concerts of alcyon, your musical godmother.

Therefore, the artist will record a DVD that intends to focus on valuing women in samba, one of the great flags that Karinah has raised since she started her career. K among us – Pagodeiras S/A to be done only by women. Among musicians and singers, there are 27, in all, on stage.