Kristen Stewart delights critics with Diana’s interpretation

After surprising you with a neat accent and characterization in the first trailer of spencer, biographical drama about Princess Diana, Kristen Stewart is delighting critics who were able to check out the movie’s premiere on Venice Film Festival. Among the compliments directed at the actress are “Oscar worthy”, “dazzling” and the assertion that she “transforms” in the story figure it interprets. Check out some of the reactions below.

Kyle Buchanan, of The New York Times, stated in his review of Spencer that “Stewart always proves to be a terrifying presence in the film, no matter how lost Diana is. The further the film progresses, the more her casting feels like a touch of metalinguistic genius: Stewart is one of the few people on earth who knows what she is. to suffer from the scrutiny of the paparazzi in a way minimally comparable to the swarm of flashbulbs that surrounded Diana until her death”.

Classifying Stewart’s performance as “Oscar worthy”, Marlow Stern, of Daily Beast, says “She hits Diana’s whispered voice right in the air; her sloppy posture; her inner anguish. There’s a musicality to her performance too; a rhythm in line with Pablo Larraín’s ever-moving camera. Over three days—starting from Christmas Eve —she presents the full scope of Diana’s journey into autonomy and love”.

Writing to the deadline, Pete Hammond regrets that “can’t say enough about Stewart’s performance, running from an impersonation of an incredibly well-represented figure to the beautiful conquest of the essence of who she was. It’s an engaging, bitter, touching and utterly stunning turn, taking Diana down paths that we have never seen him being led this way in a mesmerizing portrait.”

Already Owen Gleiberman, gives Variety, highlights how Kristen Stewart “shifts; changes her looks, her pace, her karma. Watching her play Diana echoes, perhaps, Stewart’s own ambivalent relationship to fame—the way she’ll stand on an awards podium, biting her lip , inhabiting the attention even if he’s slightly uncomfortable with it (and even as he makes this lack of confidence in the spotlight a hallmark of his celebrity)”. He completes: “Overall, however, what we see in Stewart’s Diana is a woman of innate elegance, with a luminosity that overflows with her, except that part of her essence wants to squelch that radiance, because her life has turned into a mess.”.

Finally, David Rooney wrote to the THR what “Stewart’s fine work on accent and mannerisms is impeccable. The camera loves her, and she has experience in being magnetic or devastatingly fragile”. He still adds that “she clearly belongs to another species compared to the growing crowd determined to rule her every move. Her isolation invites tender feelings, even when she’s the most out of control.”.