Lady Gaga with Pabllo and Juliette’s EP already dominate Apple Music ranking

And there it came. It didn’t even take 24 hours for our stars to dominate the top of the stream charts. It’s just that this Friday (9/3/09), “Fun Tonight”, feat between Lady Gaga and Pablo Vittar for the album “Dawn Of Chromatica”, in addition to the EP tracks from Juliette are already at the top of Apple Music.

The Brazil x United States union shook the structures of the pop world and “Fun Tonight” is already at #1, it is the most played song on the platform today. The tracks from the debut EP of the champion of “Big Brother Brasil 21”, by Globo, transit among the Top 10.

Learn Lady Gaga's answer while listening to the remix with Pabllo Vittar
Photo: Disclosure / Art: Gabriel Malta

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Of the six tracks belonging to Juiette’s work, five out of the top ten. “Blessing” is the one that adds more plays so far, occupying the second position. In the sequence, the paraibana celebrates only success: “Mara Difference”, appears in #3, “Candy”, in fourth place, “I do not know”, in eighth, and “Benzin”, closing the ranking, occupying the tenth place.

Unsurprisingly, Brazil stopped to listen Juliette sing on Thursday night (3/9). The paraibana officially debuted as a singer and released her first EP, self-titled. But the material reverberated and reached other countries. “Juliette” entered the iTunes Top 10 in Portugal (3rd place) and Mexico (10th place). Okay or want more?

Anitta explains her involvement in Juliette's artistic team
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the single “Mara difference” also emerged on iTunes Portugal. The song reached the 8th place in the ranking of the most downloaded in the country. “Mara difference”, produced by Rafinha RSQ, is the song that will have a video next week.

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And it’s worth remembering that “Fun Tonightm is the #1 video of the hot clips on YouTube Brazil, the remix by Lady Gaga and Pablo Vittar, already surpasses the mark of 326,000 hits and is the most accessed album so far.

Juliette, Lady Gaga and Pabllo. Photo: Apple Music