Larissa Bonesi reveals details of affair with Caio Castro

Larissa Bonesi, Brazilian actress and star of Netflix India, again denied the rumors of having been supposed to be the pivot for the separation between Caio Castro and Grazi Massafera, which recently made the termination official on the web.

In an interview with the program gossiping, from SBT, the famous guaranteed that he has already lived, in fact, a affair with the actor. However, the artist assured that the love relationship happened years before he had a romance with the Globo star.

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“We stayed together for a couple of months here in Brazil. And then I went back to India, I always come to Brazil, I stay for a month or two and then I come back to India. In those comings and goings, that’s when I met him, we had a relationship, but we’re friends. This is something I wanted to make clear: we are friends”, stated Larissa Bonesi.

To the column by Leo Dias, from the Metrópoles portal, the muse told that she lived a affair with Caio Castro when she was between 24 and 25 years old. She is currently 31.

death threats

In the same interview, Larissa Bonesi reported that she is suffering several attacks on social networks and even death threats amidst the controversy. “It hurt me a lot, my whole family. In the messages I’m getting, there are people saying that if I go out on the street, they’ll kill me. I don’t even have the courage to leave the apartment”, she said.

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