Larissa Manoela and André Luiz Frambach are caught kissing on a beach day, and the actor speaks about romance; come see the photos!

Look at a new couple painting around! Larissa Manoela and André Luiz Frambach were clicked in the greatest atmosphere of romance this Friday (3). The two enjoyed a day at the beach in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, and exchanged hugs and kisses during the tour. They were accompanied by friends and the actor’s dog, Nala.

Larissa and André already worked together, when they lived as a romantic couple in “Modo Avião”, a Netflix film, released in January 2020. To Quem magazine, the actor spoke today (3) about the romance, which began in August. “When did the rumors come out [de que estávamos juntos], there was absolutely nothing between us. Afterwards, we met to talk about the movie ‘Airplane Mode’ and to kill everyone’s nostalgia… We are single and we are getting to know each other, allowing ourselves to“he said.

Larissa and André enjoyed the beach together. (Photo: AgNews)

Frambach has been single since the end of June, when he ended his relationship with actress Rayssa Bratilieri after two years together. At the time, they announced the split with identical posts on their Instagram profiles. “Today we are here with an open heart to say that we are no longer dating. We’re just great and good friends again. Cycles start and end and it is necessary to know how to see and respect their endings. We started to see that some goals and dreams of our lives were diverging and we made the decision to follow their path“, they wrote.

We are eternally grateful to the affection of all of you and so many fan clubs created. We still love and admire each other a lot, and the companionship and respect – which has always been the basis of our relationship – will never be lost (this note is true). We count on your support and affection. But now with different paths“, concluded the actors. André even made a point of emphasizing that he was no longer with his ex-girlfriend when he approached Larissa. “There was never betrayal, there was always a lot of respect in my relationship with Rayssa“he said to the Who.

Photographers caught the two kissing. (Photo: AgNews)
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Manoela was also single this year. In February, the actress put an end to her relationship with actor Leo Cidade. “Larissa Manoela and Leonardo Cidade are no longer together. The relationship ended, but the affection between them remains. Larissa and Leo made that decision in the last few days. Both understood that it was time to move forward, each on a different path, always rooting for the other’s happiness”, announced the consultants of the artists, in a note.

At the end of July, the Extra newspaper published that Larissa and André would be together. According to the site, the two would have met again and, now single, let love speak louder. The rumors got stronger after they posted records that they were together at the house of actor Eike Duarte, who was also part of the cast of “Modo Avião”.

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I always dreamed of this moment of being able to receive friends at home! Fortunately, Lari was vaccinated and André tested negative yesterday. People, lots of laughter, the hour flew by, when I went to see it was already midnight. And it’s been 2 years since we recorded the film Modo Avião that is available on Netflix. Hold that trisal!“, wrote Duarte. After the romance rumors, André published the enigmatic phrase on his social networks: “Just as a drop of poison compromises an entire bucket, even a lie, no matter how small, spoils our entire life. Good Morning“.

Both Larissa and Frambach are big bets for the new generation of Globo actors. The actress left SBT and has already been cast to be one of the protagonists of “Além da Ilusão”, the next soap opera at 6 pm on the plim plim. The young man, who performed in “Malhação” and “Éramos Seis”, will have a prominent role in “Cara e Coragem”, a 7:00 pm serial that should premiere next year. See more photos of the couple on the beach: