LATAM is promoting tickets starting at R$ 106, at “Semana Brasil” – AEROFLAP

Photo – Airbus/Disclosure

LATAM Brasil has a great promotion of air tickets in this extended holiday of Independence of Brazil. In it we found tickets to various destinations from R$ 105, the lowest price currently among Brazilian airlines.

For the lowest price, we find airline tickets from São Paulo to Ribeirão Preto (SP), Londrina (PR), and from R$114 between Brasília and Cuiabá (MT). With the same price we can also find flights between Brasília and Goiania or São Paulo and Curitiba (PR).

In particular, they are tickets to fly in October this year, or in advance, to fly in December. You can check all offers Clicking here.

The promotion is valid until September 7th on the LATAM website, for national and international tickets. Purchases can also be made using a credit card.

Flights to the North and Northeast

In the LATAM promotion we find tickets from Brasília to Rio Branco (AC) and Imperatriz (MA) starting at R$ 299. There are also flights from Brasília to Maraba with prices starting at R$ 249, including the departure tax.

For those who wish to spend their holidays on the beautiful beaches of the Northeast of Brazil, LATAM has flights from Fortaleza to Natal or Recife starting at R$ 127, including the boarding fee.

Departing from Brasília or São Paulo, there are flights to Recife costing R$360 a way, including taxes, to fly in November.


With the reopening of several borders between Brazil and international destinations, LATAM Brasil has resumed operations to 13 destinations and increased the frequency of weekly flights, in line with the advance of the pandemic and travel restrictions.

Brazilian travelers can already enjoy European destinations, such as: Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Uruguay, Mexico and Colombia.

For Semana do Brasil, among the destinations with offers, there are good deals to Barcelona, ​​departing from São Paulo-Guarulhos, starting at R$ 2,525.68* (round trip, with taxes included).

LATAM Brasil advises passengers to consult the rules of the countries, including those open to vaccinated Brazilians, in Travel Requirements. Another important source of traveler information is the IATA (International Air Transport Association) information center.