learn to consult and increase your CPF score

It is very difficult to get a mortgage, loan or increase your credit card limit without a high score. This is because it is through this score that banks and financial institutions check the possibilities of a particular person being able to pay their bills on time. That is, when a score goes up, the chances of getting credit approval also go up.

The Serasa score ranges from 0 to 1,000 points and, according to the credit protection agency, a citizen who has up to 300 points presents a high risk of default; between 300 and 700, the risk is medium; above 700 points, the risk of default is considered very low.

Each consumer receives a score based on the analysis of a series of factors, such as: payment of bills on time, history of negative debts, financial relationship with companies, updated registration data, etc.

By having access to the score, it is possible to keep track of the financial curriculum. Knowing when the score increases or decreases it benefits those who want to understand their credit and the impact it can have on their consumption goals.

Query the score in Serasa

Serasa makes consultation of the score available free of charge through its website. Those interested in consulting the score should access the website, click on “Consult Score”, inform the CPF and, if it is the first access, make a quick registration.

How to increase the score

Renegotiate your debts: The first and most important step to improving your Score is to pay everything you have outstanding. You can negotiate your debts through Serasa Limpa Nome, where you can find offers with up to 90% discount, or directly with the company that denied you.

Be punctual: Pay your bills on time. If you prefer, put them in automatic debit, a practical way to keep payments on time. If you don’t have accounts in your CPF, consider having an electricity, water or even credit card bill (even if you don’t have that much limit) in your name. This is because this information is accounted for by your Positive Registration.

Update your data in Serasa: Keep your personal data up to date at Serasa. The more accurate the basic information about you such as age, address and telephone number, the more reliable your record will be.

Keep your Positive Register active: The Positive Registry shows your relationship with companies in the last 12 months. Thus, the longer your relationship, the more relevant this information becomes. Paying the bills on time, paying the full amount of the invoices, all these can add up to a few points.

Consciously ask for credit: When many inquiries by companies are made in your name, this can characterize an uncontrolled search for credit. When applying for credit, your Score may fluctuate, but it is only for a moment. In a short time the score will be restored. Still, the fewer credit applications you make, the less impact.

Avoid paying for everything in cash: Although it is a good way to avoid getting into debt, if your goal is to increase your score, it is necessary to move credit and when you pay everything in cash, it does not impact your score. Therefore, it is necessary to seek a balance between what is paid in cash and in credit.

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September 3, 2021 8:06 PM