Leo Picon will be sued after filming and calling the child a “drug dealer”; Influencer announces removal from networks

This week, Leo Picon became the target of a controversy after calling a child “a drug dealer from Recife”, in a video published in his Stories. After the huge negative repercussion, the influencer will still be able to legally answer for its attitude. This Friday (3), the lawyer Virginia Rodrigues said that a group of criminal lawyers will help the family to sue the businessman.

Virginia had already revolted with the situation, stating that “if she was the child’s mother, filmed without authorization, she would sue [Picon]”. So, the lawyer moved efforts on social media to try to find the family of the victim of the exposure. “Unfortunately, it seems that there are people who only understand the limit when they touch their pockets”, she said. Finally, the initiative worked!

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This morning, in a new video, Virgínia said that they had already contacted the child’s family and that they would file the appropriate measures in favor of the boy. “I would like to thank you for all your help and all your efforts in the search for the family of the child who was exposed by Leo Picon this week. We have already met and are in contact with the child’s parents, they are already aware of the group of volunteer lawyers who have dedicated themselves to working with them. We have already met and we will follow up as directed by the family, taking the appropriate civil and criminal judicial measures in this case”, she declared.

Leo Picon also announced a move away from social media. This Thursday (2), the influencer published a long text, in which he said he was disappointed with himself. “Publicly I see myself falling into traps that I have planted myself, which weaken me”, he wrote. The young man even used the space to try to defend himself: “Even if I have, I never wanted to harm anyone in any attitude or mistake of mine”.

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The influencer also made a new apology for this and other issues. “I apologize to everyone who may have offended, harmed or hurt through any immature or thoughtless attitude over these 25 years lived intensely, dealing with so many things that I often found myself without much time to think about some other important things”, completed Picon, when explaining why he would stay away from the web. “I’m going to give myself some time to think away from the networks I’ve been in uninterruptedly for so many years. Reinforce in myself, with myself, the feelings I want to transmit and come back with them stronger, channeled in my art, in my life and in yours”, concluded.

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Leo Picon’s controversy began on Tuesday (31), when the boy recorded some stories on the streets of Recife, Pernambuco, in which he referred to a local boy as a “drug dealer”. With the negative repercussion, the businessman spoke about the video, stating that his speech was placed “out of context”. In the original record, Picon was in a car and playing at speaking Spanish. When he saw the little boy on the street, he said: “I’ll show you how to speak Spanish with the drug dealer in Recife“. The influencer then called the little one, asking for directions to a certain location. Leo even wrote in the story: “information dealer“.

Later, the businessman tried to explain the situation. “I had been making several videos in Spanish and dealing with what I was living day to day, there in Spanish, in a joking way, as if it were something related to the Spanish mafia because hablar en español is a lifestyle, and I I referred to a child as a drug dealer and I filmed that. I made a point of writing ‘information smuggler’ because, well, within the whole context…“he said, in his stories.

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Now they take this excerpt from the video and put it on various portals and it keeps coming out that I called a child a drug dealer, they start raising elitism and whatever, when in fact it has nothing to do with it. It was a game that, obviously, when you pick it up, break it up and put it out of context, it’s easy. It’s a dish made for anyone who wants to attack me, for anyone who wants to discredit me, for anyone who wants to create a narrative that plays against mecomplained Picon.

I get a lot of advice to be quiet and cut back on what I do, but I struggle a lot to be able to express myself and do the things I like to do, that have fun, that generate a smile. I didn’t humiliate anyone, I didn’t mean to… To take such a small fragment of this trip, fifteen seconds in which I’m speaking as a character, I’m playing a parade in Spanish and they put it hurts me a lot. It ends up creating news that goes against everything I believe“he continued, stressing that he was in Recife to start a project to encourage young entrepreneurs.

After the statement, it was a chat with Whindersson Nunes that encouraged Leo to publicly apologize. In the early afternoon of Wednesday (1st), Picon returned to using his social networks to speak out. According to him, the conversation with the comedian opened his eyes to the reality of the situation. “I just got a call from a guy I like a lot, who is Whindersson, and from our conversation he was able to explain to me why my joke reverberated so much,” started the influencer. “I could understand the wound I stirred, I would like to apologize to everyone, the boy, the family, I’m trying to get in touch with them”, reinforced.

Leo Picon Whindersson
After a conversation with Whindersson Nunes, Leo Picon apologized. (Photos: Reproduction/Instagram)

As a result, Picon returned to justifying himself, this time in a different way. “His concern (Whindersson) he came a lot for my intention, we know each other, he knows my intentions, that I value the love in my messages. But the messages we send do not always reach our intentions”, he said.

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“I was in order to create content, to create funny situations, and within that context this game didn’t go down well. At first, I wanted to defend myself, but having time to think is very important for everything in our life, talking to people too, just like him. (Whindersson) talked [comigo] and recognize my mistake”, evaluated. “I was very concerned about explaining my intentions, but that’s what I said, our results are not always aligned with our intentions. And when that happens, we have to reassess, talk to people and talk to him was very important to me”, added.

“I would like to thank you very much for your message, for your concern and make it clear, in view of all the messages I have read, that I have great affection, great respect for all people from all over the world, in all ways, of all the ways to express yourself”, said Picon. “I always want to put them up, and our intentions are not always aligned with our results and that’s what happened. I really want to put everyone up, that’s not what happened, but my intention will always be that”, insisted.

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The paulista also assessed that the “narrative” created on the web was “very far from his intention” and that this encouraged him to try to justify himself, at first, “like a child when a vase breaks”. He also took advantage of the statement to reinforce that he no longer wants to talk about the subject. “I would like to put an end to this matter, I have nothing more to say about it. Just apologize, say that this attitude does not represent my values, what I am, what I cherish”, asked Leo. “And it’s that clichéd phrase, that whoever knows me knows what I preach, knows what I plant, knows my work and of course when this 15-second fragment is exposed, it creates a completely different image of what I am and this automatically generates a mechanism of wanting to defend oneself, to explain oneself”, insisted. The boy concluded his outburst thanking the support of those who stood by his side amidst the confusion.