Letícia Almeida comments on the challenge to return to soap operas such as Asenate – genesis

Letícia Almeida returns to soap operas, in Genesis, like the amiable and strong-tempered young woman Asenate. The actress is among the protagonists of the seventh and final phase of the super production of Record TV, which tells the incredible story of José (Juliano Laham) and has part of the plot set in Egypt.

“It’s been challenging because it’s a complete character. She has many nuances, a beautiful story and a very strong personality. Without a doubt, it’s a very nice challenge, I’m really happy,” he commented.

In an interview with official site, actress Letícia Almeida said that, in the soap opera, Asenate has a past of rejection by her biological father. Raised by priest Pentephres (Nando Cunha) and wife Selemina (Kacau Gomes), the character has a loving relationship with her mother, but faces conflicts with her adoptive father.

“I think Asenate is a girl that I identify with a lot because she has a purity and at the same time a strength too, but she has her issues. She doesn’t identify with the women of Egypt, she doesn’t want to be a priestess and follow that one instruction manual. She’s already out of the box and I think it’s amazing. She finds herself over time, but goes through a lot of difficult things, “added the actress, unable to spoiler.

Mother of two daughters, Letícia Almeida said that motherhood also influenced this return to work: “It changes a lot, I usually say that after you become a mother, you can get emotional much easier, because you can understand things more gently. that whoever is not a mother or father does not have this feeling, but it is something else”.

A curiosity is that Letícia’s husband, actor Bruno Daltro, is also in the soap opera with the character Gade, son of Israel (Petrônio Gontijo). In different centers, the two hardly bumped into each other in the recordings, but helped each other a lot when studying with the texts at home.

“He helps me a lot, I have more text than he does, more things to memorize. So he says: ‘Let’s type the text’. It’s very good. Bruno is amazing, we get along really well, we built a family beautiful and I’m very happy,” he concluded.

Follow the story of Asenate in Genesis, from Monday to Friday, at 9 pm, at Record TV. On Saturdays, at the same time, the best moments of the week are aired. The full chapters, as well as extra scenes, are available in the PlayPlus.