Longest-lasting coach in the elite, Barbieri turns 1 year at Bragantino and sees himself more consolidated in Serie A | Bragantino

The coach Maurício Barbieri completes this Saturday, 4, one year ahead of Red Bull Bragantino. The 39-year-old coach is obviously happy with his personal brand. But, at the same time, there is another fact that he doesn’t see much reason to celebrate: with a year at the club, he is already the longest-serving coach in a Serie A team.

Coach Maurício Barbieri completes one year ahead of Bragantino — Photo: ge Infographics with photos by Ari Ferreira/Red Bull Bragantino

Barbieri took over as coach for a longer time at a Serie A club after Guto Ferreira was fired by Ceará last weekend.

– As a personal brand, it is a very cool brand. Of course I’m happy to be completing a year at the head of the club. I’ve had some unpleasant experiences, only completing 30 days. You barely get to know the club and already have to leave. Of course I’m very happy to be completing a year, for everything we have been able to build over this one year – said the coach in the podcast GE Bragantino.

– Thinking about the national scenario, in Brazilian football, it really is not a brand that we should celebrate. People who like football, who practice it, who make a living from it and always want the best for football, especially Brazilian football, need to understand that we need to create conditions so that coaches can stay in office longer. Not only for the permanence, but this will enable us to develop better teams, improve the quality of the game, develop players and, with that, increase the quality of Brazilian football – he added.

Coach Maurício Barbieri at Bragantino training — Photo: Ari Ferreira/Red Bull Bragantino

Maurício Barbieri took over from Bragantino on September 4, 2020. Massa Bruta, who was back in Serie A after 22 years, was in the relegation zone of Brasileirão. A year later, the team is in the G-4 of the Brasileirão and in the semifinals of the Copa Sudamericana.

In those 365 days, Barbieri directed Bragantino in 78 games. There are 35 wins, 26 draws and 17 defeats (55.9%). The coach celebrates the team’s growth during this period, with merit not only for him, but for the athletes and other members of the club. Highlights the work that was done to reformulate the cast and form the team’s identity.

Maurício Barbieri in Bragantino’s match against Del Valle in the Sudamericana — Photo: Ari Ferreira/Red Bull Bragantino

Individually, Barbieri is also at a good moment in her career.

– I believe that I have been able to develop in relation to my work at the club, the results attest to that. Although I have had good incomes with Flamengo and Goiás, the market may not yet see me as a Serie A professional. I think this last year ahead of Red Bull Bragantino has consolidated me to be at this level today. Of course, everything is very dynamic, especially because of the way Brazil works, as we talk about the coaches’ time. Sometimes we see coaches with a huge résumé of achievements, and then they end up not finding any more space, they have to go down a little bit. I think, at this moment, I managed, without a doubt, to show that I have the competence to be competing in this very restricted niche that is the Serie A of the Brazilian Championship – he commented.

Coach Maurício Barbieri at Bragantino training — Photo: Ari Ferreira/Red Bull Bragantino

During the GE Bragantino podcast, Maurício Barbieri also commented on the team’s chances at the Sudamericana and Brasileirão, the variations in the team with the changes in athletes, the club’s project… Until the period as coach of a university team he recalled. In the podcast, you can check in full how the chat with Maurício Barbieri went.

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