Luciano Huck confesses that he asked Globo to anticipate the departure of Tiago Leifert on Sunday

Luciano Huck said that he asked Globo to anticipate his debut in command of Domingão (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)
Luciano Huck said that he asked Globo to anticipate his debut in command of Domingão (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

Luciano Huck revealed that he asked the Globe to anticipate its debut on Sundays. During a conversation with Ana Maria Braga at Mais Você this Friday (03), he confessed that it was the responsible for expediting the departure of Tiago Leifert.

The presenter of the new Domingão attended Globo’s morning to celebrate his 50th birthday. In conversation with Ana Maria, Angelica’s husband revealed that he was the one who suggested anticipating the program’s debut, which was only scheduled for the beginning of 2022.

I said: ‘Let’s go ahead?’ ‘Let’s go’ Let’s take the field to see what we can do, without inventing the wheel”, said Huck.

Early departure from Leifert

That’s because, Leifert was supposed to be on vacation. The presenter left BBB21 in May, after spending about four months with a heavy daily routine on the reality show. In October, he returns to the air with the 10th season of The Voice Brasil. At the same time, I would have to present the Show of the Famous until December.

Luciano Huck’s moment

In addition to the interview with Huck, the Mais Você team also followed the recordings of the Show dos Famosos. The painting is the only one being done at Globo Studios in São Paulo. Unlike Faustão, Domingão with Huck will be held in Rio de Janeiro.

“I recorded a lot in the city. Very good, I have an intense relationship with the city. I like this city, I like it here. I recorded a lot in São Paulo, but it’s good to be here at Globo in São Paulo. I like”, declared the presenter.

It was a very intense two weeks. There are many layers of feelings involved this week. Turning 50 today is no longer a tomboy. Half a century old. They say that life is made every seven years. I’m 50 years old, I have the end of the Caldeirão cycle, the day after tomorrow’s debut of the new cycle, it’s a lot of emotions. Some in the head, others in the heart”, said Huck.

New cycle on Globo

The new holder of Domingão even admitted that he was difficult to understand the end of his period in charge of the Cauldron. He has hosted the program for 21 years.

“Now that I’ve seen the credits rise more calmly. It’s weird to close cycles in life, right? Even more about things we like. But that’s it. This end of the Cauldron I didn’t know what it was going to be, said Luciano Huck.

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