Luciano Huck’s son has a voice compared to his father in ‘Mais Você’

Luciano Huck was the guest of Ana Maria Braga in the “More youThis morning (3) to promote his new program, “Domingão com Huck”, which premieres this weekend occupying the time that for more than 32 years was Faustão’s. The attraction will bring together paintings of the old “Domingão” and “Caldeirão do Huck.” In the morning, Huck, who is celebrating his 50th birthday, who was honored by his wife, Angélica, for his 50th birthday, also received a declaration from his children.

The firstborn of the presenters, 16-year-old Joaquim drew attention for his voice similar to his father’s. “The voice of Luciano Huck’s son is the same as his. I thought it was him speaking”, one was surprised. “It has the same voice,” reinforced another. “It’s the same,” added one more. “So it seems,” agreed another to the communicator who promised a “cheerful” Sunday.

Huck won the children’s statement: ‘We love you’

In his statement, Benício and Eva’s brother highlighted their father’s birthday. “Best wishes, 50 years is not for everyone! It’s a super special, super important date! Even more so being marked by the launch of your book, a premiere on Globo’s Sundays, on prime time television, which for our whole family is a reason to more to cheer with your victories. We love you a lot and are always here to support you. Happy birthday! Great health and peace!”, said the teenager.

Victim of a maritime accident in 2019, Benício (13 years old) also left his message to his father. “This weekend is very special because it’s your birthday and your debut on ‘Domingão’. I want to wish you good luck. I love you!”, stressed the middle child. And Eva (almost 9 years old) was another to declare herself to Huck. “Daddy love you so much! Happy birthday, may you have an amazing day and good luck on your new show,” he stated.

Huck evaluated the end of ‘Caldirão’ and arrival on Sundays

By four months anticipating his debut on Sundays, the presenter made an assessment of his passage on Saturdays, in which he spent 20 years. “It’s strange to close cycles, especially of things we like. These 20 years, because of the program, have made me better,” he admitted, who pointed out machismo in the creation of characters like Tiazinha.

And he remembered his successor in time, occupied in the 1960s and 1970s by Silvio Santos. “Every time I can, I’ll praise Fausto. He built this sacred time on Brazilian television. It’s a gigantic merit,” he said. “And Tiago (Leifert) too, did a brilliant job in this transition period,” he added.