Luiz Bacci decided to comment on Deolane Bezerra

Cidade Alerta anchor Luiz Bacci decided to defend Deolane Bezerra, the reason being that the website Contigo published a news with the title: “Canceled by sexy look in audience, MC Kevin’s widow shoots: “Independent woman bothers”, after the news the presenter posted the lawyer’s photo on his Instagram and wrote: “For a world where the content is more valued than the packaging… And subject canceled”, and tagged Kevin’s ex.

Bacci and Deolane became best friends, not only virtual, the two often meet both in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, last weekend the lawyer and her friends spent Saturday in the ostentatious apartment he has in the city of São Paulo, the images were disclosed on social networks, both Bacci and Deolane, there are those who say that this is a new couple and there are even internet users who ship the probable affair.

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The two met after the death of MC Kevin, since the case happened the presenter covered stories on Instagram, as in the police show he presents, from then on the first contact between the two emerged, he even said on Cidade Record TV Alert: ”I’m a friend of Deolane, but if I need to report things about her and MC Kevin’s case, I will.”, said the presenter during the program on the Barra Funda station.

Bacci turned his Instagram into a real news site, there he shares the main topics of the moment, he covered the case on the social network Lazaro Barbosa from beginning to end and the case involving the death of MC Kevin and it’s been working, its posts reach millions of views and excellent engagement.