Mandzukic announces retirement and jokes in letter: “Be ready against England” | international football

At 35, Croatian striker Mario Mandzukic announced his retirement from football on Friday. In an Instagram post, he wrote a letter to himself, as if he was talking to his younger self.

He highlighted titles, good times and joked about being prepared for the 109th minute of the World Cup semi-final against England – when he scored the goal in 2018, leading his team to a decision for the first time. (look above).

Mandzukic celebrates goal in Croatia v England — Photo: Carl Recine/Reuters

Mandzukic played for Milan in 2021, where he played 11 games and scored no goals. Revealed by Marsonia, he has gone through NK Zagreb, Dynamo Zagreb, Wolfsburg, Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid, Juventus and Al Duhail. For Croatia, he scored 33 goals in 89 matches, playing in two Cups.

Among the main achievements of his career are two Germans, a Champions League and a Club World Cup with Bayern, as well as four Italians with Juventus. The striker was one of the top scorers at Euro 2012 and was also awarded Uefa’s goal of the year award in 2016/17 for his painting in the Champions League decision lost to Real Madrid in Cardiff.

When you put on these boots for the first time, you can’t even imagine what you’ll experience in football. You’ll score goals on the biggest stages and win the biggest trophies with the biggest clubs. Proudly representing your nation, you will help to write the history of Croatian sport.

You will be successful because you will have good people around you – teammates, coaches, fans, family, agent and friends who will always be there for you. You will be eternally grateful to them all!

Above all, you will be successful because you will always give your best. In the end, that’s what you’re most proud of. You’ll sacrifice a lot, but you’ll know it was worth it because of all the amazing moments

You’ll recognize your moment of retiring, of putting those cleats in a closet, and you’ll have no regrets. Football will always be part of your life, but you are looking forward to a new chapter.

Enjoy! your great mario

PS: If you happen to play England in the World Cup, be ready by 109 minutes”