Manicure discovers that boyfriend cheated on her with Jojo Todynho and exposes on the web · TV News

Jojo Todynho is in the middle of a big mess. This Friday (3), the identity of her new boyfriend, businessman Marcio Felipe, was revealed. The problem is that the boy was already committed and his partner learned of the betrayal from the reports he read on the internet.

Wellington Rainha exposed the whole story on her Instagram profile, at the request of manicure Izabelle Branquinho. They are friends, and she sent him several photos with Marcio Felipe, as well as screenshots of conversations and a video of the two in bed, recorded in the early hours of this Friday.

“Until today she was dating a boy. And today there was a story that this same boy is dating Jojo Todynho. And she only found out because she saw the story on the internet. As she just commented that she wants to take down this scrotum male, I’ll play here these prints and I’ll still mark Jojo”, said Wellington, exposing the new funkeira partner.

Izabelle also sent screenshots of conversations she had with Marcio on WhatsApp this Friday, soon after finding out she was being betrayed. And the boy confirmed that he stayed with Jojo Todynho, and even apologized.

“Dude, I’m sorry. It has nothing to do with fame, this stuff. I ended up with her, yes, I’m sorry. I don’t even know what to say. I’m wrong, I need to fix my mistake, but I’m not dating Nobody doesn’t. I’m ashamed, today I’ve been thinking all morning, anyway. Just forgive me. Forgive me, really,” he said in an audio.

The manicurist was quite shaken by the exposure, and used her social networks to tell about her relationship with Marcio Felipe.

“About a month and a half ago I started a relationship with someone, and today I woke up to the news (on gossip sites) that he was also dating a famous person. And since then my cell phone doesn’t stop,” wrote Izabelle in Instagram Stories . She even shared photos alongside her ex-boyfriend and screenshots of conversations.

So far, Jojo Todynho has not commented on the case. And Marcio Felipe is also silent.

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