Missing components for PS5 and Xbox Series could last until 2023

The consoles have been suffering from a shortage of stock since they were released.

Since they were released, the Playstation 5 it’s the Xbox Series X/S are struggling to be found in several countries around the world, and close to completing a year on the market, the lack of stock of new generation consoles may be far from over, is what a report from the Toshiba to the Bloomberg.

THE Toshiba is one of the world’s largest producers of regular power chips, which are used in various products from electronics for your home to even automobiles. The lack of components around the world is the main villain that has been hindering the production of many electronic devices today.

THE Toshiba confirmed to Bloomberg Although the supply of chips will remain restricted until at least September 2022, it is expected that some customers of the Japanese company will only return to receive their orders in full in the year 2023.

“We consider which customer faces the most serious situation, such as the risk of the entire production line being interrupted or the business being destroyed without the supply of chips. Video game console makers are among the customers who make the most demands and I sincerely regret their frustration as none of them are 100% satisfied.” said Takeshi Kamebuchi, director of Toshiba.

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Microsoft Announces Xbox Series S Price Reduction | X in Brazil
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Takeshi Kamebuchi, director of Toshiba made it clear that the company has been analyzing client to client about their needs, so that no company runs the risk of losing its business due to the current shortage of chips in the market.

Consoles that use their power regulators end up being held hostage to the availability of the component, because despite the possibility of looking for other suppliers, there are several security certifications that are required for these chips, which makes them depend on their suppliers that already have all regulation.

Because there are several types of electronic products that require energy regulators and probably in the view of Toshiba are ahead of video games, perhaps only in 2023 can the production of devices be regularized and the lack of consoles on the market will come to an end.

Currently at Brazil the only console that can be found more easily is the Xbox Series S, already the Playstation 5 the sale usually appears every month, slowly supplying demand, but if the subject is Xbox Series X in stock, believe me, this is a rare item.

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Sony cuts PlayStation 5 and accessories prices in Brazil
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