Moonfall: Moon Falls to Earth in New Catastrophe Movie Trailer

You always know what to expect from a movie of Roland Emmerich: that a good part of the planet will be destroyed. The director of films like ‘2012’, Independence Day’ and ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ is taking the concept to the logical extreme with ‘moonfall‘, a catastrophe plot about the moon falling on earth. This Thursday (2), Diamond Films released the first teaser production, which has a generous budget of $140 million.

According to the official synopsis, “a mysterious force lifts the Moon from its orbit and places it on a collision course with Earth. A few weeks before impact and with humanity on the brink of annihilation, former NASA astronaut Jo Fowler (Halle Berry) is convinced that she has the answer to saving the planet, but only a former colleague, astronaut Brian Harper (Patrick Wilson), and theorist KC Houseman (John Bradley), believe in it. The unlikely heroes race against time to set up a mission to space, but there they discover that the Moon is not what we thought!”.


Watch the first preview below:

In the best “disaster” style that Emmerich is sure to know how to do, the video is still packed with the famous 1962 speech by former President of the United States (USA), John F. Kennedy, in which he justified the man’s going (and of the nation) to the Moon. In the end, the most iconic phrase in the narrative sets the tone of the film, promising that, “in 2022, the Moon will come to us”.

Started in October 2020, the recordings of ‘Moonfall’ lasted approximately four months. In an interview with the website IGN, the filmmaker said that it was “a miracle to finish everything on time” in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and that he almost gave up on the project due to pressure from the banks that financed the production.

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“As an independent film, we had to find a bank to finance the project and we were sailing without any problems at the beginning of last year, but we had to stop all production because of the pandemic. It was a miracle for this movie to happen; We were in debt, there was no prospect of a return and I had been struggling for almost three years to make the film. Small barriers can often make us give up on the goal, but we manage to reach the end. It took longer than I thought, but we’re done,” said Emmerich.

The production features well-known Hollywood names such as Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, Donald Sutherland, Michael Pena, Charlie Plummer and John Bradley. ‘Moonfall’ arrives on February 4, 2022 in the US. In Brazil, the film hits the big screen the day before: February 3rd.

Sources: The Verge and IGN

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