Navarro contradicts Freeland and is packed from Botafogo; staff authorizes proposals from interested parties in Brazil and abroad


The center forward’s staff did not reach an agreement with the direction of Fogão and the final stretch of Série B will be the last step in Navarro’s trajectory in General Severiano

Photo: Vitor Silva/Botafogo (Photo: Vitor Silva)


Photo: Vitor Silva/Botafogo (Photo: Vitor Silva)

Rafael Navarro will not remain in the Botafogo in 2022. With the contract expiring in December, the club and the striker’s staff dragged conversations in search of a renewal of the 99 shirt’s link, but the newspaper’s colleagues report The day inform that “the athlete will not sign the contract renewal”. This after Eduardo Freeland expressed confidence in the negotiations in an interview with the club’s official channel on Youtube.

This Friday (3), Freeland confirmed that Alvinegro would have accepted the counterproposal from Navarro and “confidently awaits the signing of the new bond”. According to the results of colleagues Venê Casagrande and Leonardo Bessa, however, “the attacker and his staff are aiming for a 2022 that breathes new air”.

“The desire of the athlete and his agents is precisely to seek evolution in his professional career in a new club and with the appreciation previously requested, when there was still thought of renewing with Botafogo during Serie B”, informs the story of The day.

Last week, Botafogo refused Navarro’s immediate trip to Belgium’s Anderlecht, which presented a proposal of 500 thousand euros (approximately R$3.1 million) and 10% of the value of a future negotiation.

Navarro contributed to Botafogo in 2021 with eight goals and seven assists (Photo: Vitor Silva/Botafogo)

It is worth remembering that Botafogo has 50% of the economic rights of the attacker, with the rest being held by Atlético-GO. The 99 shirt has been fundamental in the Serie B campaign in which Glorioso is in fourth place, inside the G-4 that guarantees access. There are seven goals in the championship alone, surpassed only by Chay in the Alvinegro squad.

Throughout the season, Navarro played 32 matches for Botafogo, mostly as a starter, and scored 8 goals and 7 assists. According to the investigation, the 21-year-old center forward would have authorized his businessmen to hear proposals between now and the end of the year. Athletico-PR would be a club interested in the backstage, especially after the serious injury of Matheus Babi, another who recently defended Alvinegro.