New couple? Bruna Marquezine and Ricky Tavares appear in a photo

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Bruna Marquezine and Ricky Tavares came together in a click shared by the actor this Thursday (3rd). The photo heightens rumors that the two may be having an affair, according to press reports.

The information that the two were having a romance was disclosed by columnist Fábia Oliveira. According to her, Bruna Marquezine and Ricky Tavares would be getting to know each other better after approaching during the backstage of the Netflix series “Maldives”. However, neither of the two confirmed the news, and Ricky even denied the disclosed information.

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Actor denies romance and claims that his relationship with Bruna Marquezine is only professional

After the news that he would be living a romance with Marquezine, actor Ricky Tavares denied his involvement in a romance with Neymar’s ex. Through his press office, the famous said that the proximity between the two would only be in the recordings of the Netflix series.

Both Marquezine and Ricky are single. The actress has been free, light and loose since the end of her relationship with Enzo Celulari, in June 2021. The former couple stayed together for about a year. Tavares, in turn, ended his relationship about a month ago with singer and ex-participant of “The Voice Brasil” Juliana Gorito.

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While the two do not assume, we will continue to follow closely the steps that the famous will take and tell firsthand our readers of Tecnonoticias.

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