Next Axie Infinity and 3 more promising NFT games

NFT blockchain games aren’t new to the market anymore, so what will be the one with the potential to be the next Axie Infinity?

With Axie Infinity proving to be a real hit at a staggering profit this past August, many players are looking for its successor — the next game on the Blockchain that can bring the same earning opportunities and similar mechanics.

Blockchain games are becoming more and more popular.

Departing from the early days of CryptoKitties, with a simple kitten breeding mode system in the Blockchain, current games promise a better experience with the advantage of decentralized technology.

There are several options for players. However, it’s really hard to know which one will be able to replicate Axie Infinity’s success.

However, some games stand out because they have a lot of potential, either for the innovation in their mechanics or for registering a promising start. One of the things that is moving the community the most is the Infinite monster, who, for many, may be the new Axie.

Is Monsta Infinite the next Axie Infinity?

At first glance, Monsta Infinite looks much more than the new Axie Infinity, in fact, its visual identity is identical to the most famous game — some even accuse it of being a copy, which is not quite true.

Monsta Infinite has a operation similar to Axie Infinity, but the change in Gameplay is considerable: Monsta Infinite’s turn-based combat will work with the piece-joining puzzle system, similar to Candy Crush, for example, for more interactivity and competitiveness.

The game’s official website reports that it will have different modes, both facing other monsters controlled by the machine (PVE), and battles against other players (PVP).

These two modes will offer coins called Stamen Tellus (STT) similar to Axie Infinity’s Smooth Love Potion (SLP). That is, the game is within the “Play-To-Earn” (play to win).

In relation to the currency, it will have real value in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) market and can be sold at future prices.

Monsta Infinite combat concept art, combining turn-based combat and puzzles/Playback

But, what is most exciting players for Monsta Infinite?

Animation has been provided by the Blockchain behind the project. The game will “run” on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network with a BEP-20 governance token called MONI.

MONI to main currency of this ecosystem, will be distributed in mini-games in the Monsta universe and could be used for staking in the future.

These simple differences between it and AXIE can make it a less expensive gaming option than those running on the Ethereum network, as well as causing less network congestion.

The strategy, since the beginning, aims to facilitate your trading for any user

The simple fact that it is a currency in the Binance Network (BSC) can facilitate future trading of the asset when the game is already established.

In addition, another point that is drawing attention in relation to the game is that its website is called “Synthesis Cloning” — a way to “create your own monsters” by sacrificing weaker monsters from your collection.

While this may seem common for a game, in practice it can be an awesome tactic to have an NFT burn system as it will strategically end up valuing existing tokens even more.

Initial Success in Pre-Sales

The game will feature the release of the first MONI mini-game at the end of september. Already its Alpha version (initial version until the final construction of the game) will be inaugurated on November 30, 2021.

Although it has not yet been launched and its marketplace is only being launched in October, the team has already started the sales process.

Sales are currently going through the private acquisition phase and also through the first round of acquisition opportunity via waitlist.

Investors are already eyeing the new potential game

Prior to the first sales round, each MONI was priced at $0.18 per token.

For the next pre-sale, the stipulated public price is 2,400 MONI for each 1 BNB, just over US$ 0.20 per token — still very good entry price compared to the first rounds.

After the first private round and the “Monsta Barter”, the project market has already started to have a “format”. Today, it has a market capitalization of US$896,062.

The next phase of pre-sale will take place on September 8th, one day after the contract audit.

Information on the price of MONI and other economic parts of the asset. Source: Moni Disclosure.

The pre-sale process ended faster than expected. Other metrics also suggest a lot of interest in the game: o discord server, for example, already passed 100,000 users and pre-order waiting lists are getting more and more crowded.

Deciding whether the game will really be a success or not is quite difficult, but for sure, Monsta Infinite is off to a great start.

Other Promising Blockchain Games to Keep an Eye on the Future

Monsta Infinite may not be the next Axie Infinity, but it’s not the only game investors are eyeing.

In fact, the number of future game releases on Blockchain and play-to-earn are getting bigger.

Below, we show a few more that are worth keeping an eye on:

Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians is an interesting title as it is more like a “game”, with 3D graphics, according to promotional material.

In addition, the gameplay promises to be an action game focused on PVE, where the player will collect unique heroes that can be used in missions in dungeons and combat.

Overall, it features the same elements as Blockchain games, with unique heroes that can be sold in addition to the possibility of winning while playing.

Guild of Guardians also has scheduled release for 2022 and is on pre-order, both of its GOG governance coins and heroes.

each GOG is rated at $0.05 so far, about to end its pre-sale and with more than 120,000 players pre-registering. An important point is that he has the support of Ubisoft through the program Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Labs Season Six — surely, maybe that’s why it’s worth keeping an eye.

See Gameplay in game testing phase:

NFT 11

O NFT 11 combines an old passion (Football) with a new passion for NFTs. The idea is similar to other Blockchain games, but instead of building a team of monsters or heroes, you build a football team.

In it, each player will be unique, like an NFT piece. To play it, you’ll need to assemble a team with 11 players, an idea very similar to Football Manager.

NFT11 football blockchain game
NFT11 game in football blockchain / Playback

In addition to winning playing and facing other players, it will also be possible to win money lending your players for other teams, receiving coins when making the loan.

The game will have another NFT in the form of stadium seats, where each seat works as an action and the more seats you have, the more you can gain from the appreciation of that stadium.

NFT11 seats, players and token may be traded in the future. The game is still in the early stages of development.


Called by some the first Blockchain Triple A game, Illuvium, so far, is proving to be a game with surprising graphics, although it presents an “easy” gameplay and already common for the cryptomarket.

In it, each player needs to collect creatures (such as Pokémon) that will be used in future combats. As always, the idea is Collect these unique creatures and seek out more valuable NFTs, in addition to participating in the market to get tokens.

One of Illuvium’s main draws is that it will have a free entry level. Furthermore, it is being developed for PC and Mobile, which increases the range of possible players.

Players can start playing for free and capture “Tier 0” creatures and, if they choose, can pay to reach higher tiers.

According to its initial promise, even players who don’t spend anything on the game will have the opportunity to earn money from their creatures.

  • Illuvium already has a governance token

So far, Illuvium has also shown a number of positive signs for its future, even before its release. The PC Open Beta release will be in the last quarter of this game.

Its governance token, however, is already being shown in some aggregators, such as CoinMarketCap.

As we see below, there is an interest in the game that is being reflected in the token value. IVL, which has a great appreciation in the last 30 days.

Illuvium recorded great appreciation
Illuvium recorded great appreciation/Reproduction

With a Brazilian on the team, he is a great promise of game in Blockchain with an open world and a great entry opportunity for players looking for the possibility to start a game in this new decentralized world.

The developers also intend to hold tournaments so that the game can be successful not only on the blockchain, but also on the Mainstream.

These are promising games on the NFT market that can guarantee success similar to Axie Infinity.

As always, it is never certain that a project within the cryptomarket and blockchain sector it will be success. So, before investing in any of them, always do your own research.