Ney Matogrosso confirms intimate photo published on instagram: ‘Boto erroneous’ – Famous

Ney Matogrosso (photo: Disclosure)

Recently, singer Ney Matogrosso became one of the most talked about subjects on the web. The artist had published an intimate photo in his Instagram. in interview Look, the 80-year-old singer said the publication was a misunderstanding.

Ney confirmed that the ‘inside’ photo was himself. “I wanted to send it through WhatsApp, but I pressed the wrong button and published it by mistake”, declared Ney. The image was posted last Sunday (29/08) and deleted shortly thereafter. However, the short time the image was on the web was enough for internet users to take a print.

In August, in an interview given to the UOL, Ney Matogrosso laughed shyly when asked if he agrees that a sex symbol at 80 years old: “This is not me, this is the one on the stage. It’s not me. I don’t think that fits me, it fits the character,” he said.

Always ahead of his time, in the early 1980s, the musician printed the first close-up, frontal photo in a newspaper in Brazil. Ney appeared as he came to the world in Lampio da Esquina, a Brazilian newspaper that circulated during 1978 and 1981, according to the website. At that time, Brazil was still living in the context of a military dictatorship, which guarantees the act even more importance.