Ney Matogrosso says magazine published intimate photo by mistake | Song

Ney Matogrosso confirmed to ” Veja” magazine that he “by mistake” published an intimate photo on Instagram last Sunday (29).

“I wanted to send it by WhatsApp, but I pressed the wrong button and published it by mistake,” said the singer.

According to the magazine, the photo was of himself and the singer was confused when sending the click to a friend.

On Sunday, Matogrosso’s office said he would not comment on the case. Searched again by G1 this Saturday, the press office reaffirmed that it will not comment on the case. Nor did he confirm that he is the person in the photo.

Without captions, the image was of a penis and was erased minutes later. Soon after, he started posting several photos in the sequence: a cactus, an old portrait and concert photos. While some fans praised the singer, others recalled the recently deleted photo with comments.

The singer has over 850,000 followers on Instagram.

Matogrosso turned 80 years old on August 1st and released the first part of the album “Nu com my music”, with songs like “Se não para amor, eu cegue” (Lenine and Lula Queiroga) and “Gita” (Raul Seixas and Paulo Coelho).

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Ney Matogrosso turns 80 with new projects and celebrates ‘inner peace’