NitroPhone 1: “World’s safest” Android phone has Edward Snowden-approved system

Nitrokey, a German company, has just unveiled the so-called NitroPhone 1 which, according to the brand, debuts as a smartphone focused on security, privacy and robust hardware.

Based on the Google Pixel 4a, the notebook features the GrapheneOS operating system, which transforms the Pixel line phone into “one of the safest Android smartphones in the world”.

To convince people of the laptop’s security level, the company quotes former CIA member Edward Snowden who, about the product, says something that in free translation can be interpreted as:

If I made a smartphone today, it would use GrapheneOS as the operating system.

In terms of hardware, we can expect a 5.81″ screen with Full HD+ resolution, Snapdragon 730G processor, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. As for cameras, we have a 12.2MP sensor on the rear.

GrapheneOS is the notebook’s great differential, as it is a platform that brings enhanced protection against sophisticated attacks and verified boot that guarantees that the system has not been modified.

Also, it is able to be configured to automatically terminate some Android apps after a certain amount of time.

Another interesting detail is the “shuffling” of the numbers when the user types a PIN in public places, making it more difficult for someone to “detect” the password.

Available only in dark gray, the device can be purchased from Nitrokey’s official website for 630€ (~R$3,882). Shipping to anywhere in the world costs 8€ (~R$50) and the company estimates a delivery period of up to 10 working days.

Accepted payment methods are PayPal, Bitcoin, credit card or bank transfer (Europe residents only).