NVIDIA Broadcast now supports professional cameras in 1.3 update

New update also improves artificial intelligence for noise removal

O NVIDIA Broadcast was released in late 2020 to bring functionality to users looking to improve their image and sound during live broadcasts. Right when it was released we published a video with Diego Kerber testing some of its features. Now the company has launched the update 1.3 for your application that brings as main novelty the compatibility with professional cameras.

After many requests from the community, the new version features compatibility with several professional cameras on the market, the applications Canon EOS Webcam Utility, Nikon Webcam Utility and Sony Webcam Utility are now supported in addition to the ability to now use the OBS Virtual Camera enabling the use of broadcast with any video device.

Version 1.3 brings an artificial intelligence enhancement that now offers a updated noise removala, some people reported that the feature removed the user’s sound when he got excited during a match and let out a louder scream or different sounds that caused the AI ​​to confuse what should be removed, it is now possible to create sound profiles with dedicated training to offer a better service to those who are using the Broadcast, removing only background noise.

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To those who were avoiding using the NVIDIA Broadcast on account of the VRAM usage, the company informs that the its usage has been decreased by 40 percent compared to the previous version (1.2) of the application. To those who were already using the broadcast may have an improvement in the rate of FPS in your games.

THE NVIDIA reinforces that it is always making new partnerships with other companies to make the broadcast an ever-broader ecosystem for streamers, who are present on many different platforms and who use a range of auxiliary applications for streaming.

The company will apparently continue to listen to the community to bring more news in future updates, which is a positive point for the growth of the NVIDIA Broadcast.

You can download the latest version of the app directly from the website. NVIDIA clicking here.

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Nvidia features artificial voice that sounds like natural

Nvidia features artificial voice that sounds like natural
The voice controlled by AI will bring rhythm and intonation


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Source: nvidia